Consumer Product Applications

Consumer products demand creatively engineered designs married with high strength materials wrapped in attractive finishes. HI-TECH SYSTEMS & ENGINEERS satisfies this need with the unbeatable design and materials flexibility of Metal Injection Molding (MIM) strengthened with our world-class production and finishing capabilities.

HI-TECH SYSTEMS & ENGINEERS is a leading global supplier of custom engineered MIM products for sporting goods, electronics, tools and hardware applications.

Rapid Product Development

HI-TECH SYSTEMS & ENGINEERS has the ability to mobilize design, engineering, and tooling resources to help you develop products at breakneck speed. We understand that time to market is key for the consumer market. We have equipped ourselves with the capability to quickly react to customer needs for product design, prototyping, and validation, then quickly achieve a transition to mass production.

Engineered Beauty with Functional Efficiency

Consumers today are highly sophisticated and look for unique designs that are functional and eye-catching. MIM technology provides the distinctive ability to produce highly complex components with fine detail to maximize the cosmetic potential of a design. HI-TECH SYSTEMS & ENGINEERS specializes in providing MIM parts with intricate surface detail and custom surface textures. Our in-house capabilities in surface finishing, plating, blackening, and coatings provide a diverse and cost-effective range of options.

Adaptable Production Demands

Consumer product applications demand a quick response in supply to adapt to fast-changing market conditions. HI-TECH SYSTEMS & ENGINEERS is uniquely positioned to meet these needs with its large installed MIM manufacturing capacity. Our fast and cost-effective tooling capability affords the ability to plan for excess production capacity which allows us to quickly adapt for surges in demand. This in turn reduces risk and lessens inventory to achieve lower cost.

Materials for every Application

HI-TECH SYSTEMS & ENGINEERS provides a wealth of material options that allow our customers to achieve high performance in their products. Besides a vast array of off-the-shelf material solutions for high strength, wear, and corrosion applications, HI-TECH SYSTEMS & ENGINEERS maintains a world-class materials laboratory to develop a custom solution for your most demanding products.

Finished Product Solutions

HI-TECH SYSTEMS & ENGINEERS continues to invest in not only the latest MIM technology, but also the most advanced capabilities in finish machining, heat-treating, and performance surface coatings. Besides providing a ready-to-use component, we are experienced in managing mechanical assembly operations for subassemblies. We can also manage a complete supply chain including plastic parts, stampings, machined parts, hardware, assembly, and packaging for a fully finished product.