About us

From a humble beginning in 1998, HI-TECH SYSTEMS & ENGINEERS has grown to become a leading global supplier of Metal Injection Molded products. Today, HI-TECH SYSTEMS & ENGINEERS has achieved a leadership position in the field of MIM, providing precision-engineered products to customers in more than Forty-Five countries in the Americas, Europe and Asia. HI-TECH SYSTEMS & ENGINEERS is a fully integrated MIM parts producer with capabilities and proficiency in design, tooling, materials and a full range of finishing and assembly operations...

Why Choose Us

Hundreds of companies across the globe have chosen HI-TECH SYSTEMS & ENGINEERS. We have earned a reputation for consistently delivering high-quality products for unmatched value. This has been achieved through our untiring commitment to quality, innovation, continuous improvement and service.


Many critical MIM parts for the automotive industry in a wide variety of vehicle safety, fuel system, powertrain and more applications… More


HI-TECH SYSTEMS & ENGINEERS supplies custom engineered MIM or Investment Casting products for sporting goods, electronics, power tools and hardware… More


HI-TECH SYSTEMS & ENGINEERS is a leading and trusted global supplier for products used in a wide range of industrial applications... More


We are your single resource for cost-effective industry-leading solutions provider for Metal Injection Molding (MIM) medical device, orthopedic... More