Engineered Products for Industrial Applications

HI-TECH SYSTEMS & ENGINEERS is a leading and trusted global supplier for products used in a wide range of industrial applications. From high strength structural parts to tiny fiber optic connectors, industrial components demand high performance and high reliability at a competitive cost and HI-TECH SYSTEMS & ENGINEERS is here to meet that challenge. Our expansive facilities and world class manufacturing team can capably manage any size project for the most challenging applications.

Partnering for Success

HI-TECH SYSTEMS & ENGINEERS forges solid partnerships with our customers so that we can provide maximum value over the life of a program. We meticulously plan a project with a select team dedicated to the program from beginning end. Our APQP process is among the best in the business. It assures that we have adequate resources to bring the project in on time and with a smooth launch.

Engineered for Maximum Value

MIM technology provides the unique ability to produce highly complex components that cannot be achieved economically by any other process. HI-TECH SYSTEMS & ENGINEERS works closely with you on design, materials and finish requirements to extract maximum value from the MIM process. Our extensive in-house capabilities in machining, heat-treating and surface finishing provide a way to manage total program cost.

Adaptable Production Demands

The wide range of applications for industrial products demands a supplier who is capable of meeting both small and large batch-manufacturing requirements. HI-TECH SYSTEMS & ENGINEERS has developed innovative tooling concepts that lower the cost threshold for low volume program needs making MIM an affordable choice. Our fast and cost effective tooling capability coupled with our large installed manufacturing capacity affords the ability to manage the largest production requirements.

Materials for Diverse Applications

HI-TECH SYSTEMS & ENGINEERS provides a wealth of material options that allow our customers to achieve high performance in their products. Besides a vast array of off the shelf material solutions for high strength, wear and corrosion applications, HI-TECH SYSTEMS & ENGINEERS maintains a world-class materials laboratory to develop a custom solution for your most demanding products.

Providing a total solution

HI-TECH SYSTEMS & ENGINEERS continues to invest in not only the latest MIM technology, but also the most advanced capabilities in finish machining, heat-treating, and performance surface coatings. We believe the job is not complete until you have a drop in solution delivered to your door.