Metal Injection Molding

Manufacturing Facilities

Hoskote (HSK) operations encompass 0.17 Million Sq ft of MIM manufacturing, engineering, tooling and administration. Our Hoskote operations serve as our headquarters and are geared for low volume components to medium volume operations. It is integrated for engineering and tool design, mold making, debinding, sintering and certain finishing and assembly operations.

Doddaballapur (DBP) operations include 0.63 Million Sq ft of manufacturing on a fifteen acre campus. The DBP operation houses our capability for medium volume components to high volume products. It includes tooling, debinding, batch vacuum and continuous sintering capability. DBP also includes precision machining, heat-treating, assembly and plating operations.

Mold Design + Tooling

A core competency of HI-TECH SYSTEMS & ENGINEERS is our ability to design and manufacture our tooling in house. We believe that this is a critical asset to deliver high quality, high precision MIM products in an efficient and low cost manner. It gives us a tremendous advantage to respond to the urgent requirements of our customers and their markets. Our facilities and skilled craftsmen allow us to fully maintain our tooling, as well as to produce molds for up to thirty new products per month.

Precision Machining

HI-TECH SYSTEMS & ENGINEERS provides a full range of value added Metal Injection Molding (MIM) services to supply fully finished / machined parts and assemblies. The majority of services we offer are done in-house, thereby providing unsurpassed control of quality, delivery and cost.

Thermal processing

We administer a complete range of heat-treating services for our products. Our equipment is modern and precisely controlled which allows us to process a wide variety of case hardening and through hardening alloy steels as well as a complete range of martensitic and precipitation hardening stainless steels.

Quality System

HI-TECH SYSTEMS & ENGINEERS’s approach towards quality follows several basic principles: strategic planning and leadership, a strong focus on the customer, fact-based management, continuous improvement and total employee involvement.

Our quality system, combined with a refined business system provides the fundamental structure for meeting and exceeding our customers’ needs and expectations. Because our ongoing improvement efforts focus on refining our processes and controls, we are able to provide the highest quality and service in the industry.

Metal Injection Molding materials

The Metal Injection Molding (MIM) process provides the ability to manufacture a wide variety of materials such as stainless steel, tungsten alloys, special materials like titanium alloys, etc. with mechanical properties that are near equivalent or in some cases exceed wrought or cast processes

HI-TECH SYSTEMS & ENGINEERS provides a full range of materials that are useful for a wide variety of applications. Low carbon and high alloy steels for case and through hardening requirements, a full range of austenitic, ferritic, martensitic and precipitation hardening stainless steels, soft magnetic alloys as well, Co and Ni base super alloys and select non-ferrous alloys. Many of these materials can be heat treated to meet specific mechanical properties for the individual application. Post treatment options such as Hot Isostatic Pressing (HIP) can further enhance mechanical properties for the most demanding applications.